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We’ve talked to many people about our tiny home and our adventure around the country, and a frequent question we get is WHY? They think it sounds fun and cool, but often want to know why we are doing this thing- what prompted us to take this journey.
Our decision to adventure around the country is three-fold: to learn about the art world, to explore our great country, and to create space to be inspired.


Exploring the art world


Since the age of 8, Chad has been using his skills with a paintbrush to earn money. From his first gig painting holiday murals on the windows of a local bowling alley to large scale custom paintings for clients, Chad has always been creating art and developing his talents.
Chad is finally at a point in his career where he is wanting to take his talents to a larger market. He has worked hard the past few years with one focus: buy himself enough freedom to do art full-time. One way to make that happen is to get networked with agents and into galleries. This enables the artist to focus less on selling their art and more on creating it. The obvious hurdle to this plan is the fact that Chad didn’t know many people at all in, what we will refer to as, the “gallery scene.”
Chad could have chosen to spend a lot of time researching online, calling, emailing, and hoping to hear back from people. That way is FAR less fun and very much not Chad’s style. He’s old-school. He’s hands-on. So around the country he goes to find the people he needed to know to advance his career.
How does he know who he needs to meet? He doesn’t. But he knows that he will. Because that is faith in the process of being willing to explore and let the universe bring you what you need.


I, on the other hand, know very little about art in general. Growing up, I loved to craft and create but always thought of it as a hobby. When I would go to art museums, I didn’t understand why the art was considered good enough to go in a museum. Why would people pay money to look at these pieces in particular? Basically, I had no understanding of the art world beyond the aesthetic. My assumption was that I didn’t have “the eye” for good art like a true artist would.
The idea of dating an artist, therefore, was a little intimidating. What if I didn’t ever “get it?” Could I really relate to that world? So this adventure, for me, was an invitation to better understand art and artists. A closer look at this world that possessed so many unknowns.


Exploring the USA


Chad has spent 11 years fighting for this country as a part of the US Army. If you’ve met Chad, you know he has immense pride in being an American. He was excited about the idea of getting to explore, in more fullness, this place he calls home.


I love nature, being outside, and being in different terrains. Being born in New Zealand means I was spoiled being surrounded by beauty of epic proportions. I’ve also had the privilege of traveling to 28 different countries in my lifetime, each offering beauty of its own. Despite being an American citizen, I’ve always considered myself a citizen of the world- much to the offense of my America-loving husband. So I was ready to explore this country in order to grow my appreciation for all that it has to offer.

We are also, in part, looking for a place to call home. A city that speaks to both of us and where we can see ourselves raising a family. 


Creating space to be inspired


For the past few years, Chad has been working countless hours in tough jobs in order to create three years of freedom. Freedom to network in the art world, but also the space to create.
He’s always tried to get money for his work, so he’s always done what the client wanted. Very rarely has he ever painted what he wanted or told the story he feels burdened to tell. 
This year, he is starting the process of telling the inspiring story of humanity and it’s discovery of the universe through the mathematicians and physicists that have gotten us to the level of awareness we have today. 


This year is affording me the opportunity to step away from a regular job to really consider what I want to do with my life. Where do my talents and passions meet the world’s needs? What do I want to pursue for my career and for my calling and where do those things overlap. More than ever before, I have the space to be quiet and listen to what I think I am designed to do and to take steps in that direction.

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Why We Travel

We've talked to many people about our tiny home and our adventure around the country, and a frequent question we get is WHY? They think it sounds fun and cool,