The Build

the office

the office

the process


$ 1448 TOTAL
  • Wood
  • screws
  • Paint
  • braces
  • l-brackets
  • chair
  • TV mount
  • TV
  • Sound system
  • Organizers

Chad worked hard to design an office that optimized performance. He wanted everything he would need within his reach when inspiration struck.

His first purchase was the big screen TV and sound system. Those came thanks to some Black Friday deals at Best Buy in 2019. He was as giddy as a schoolboy. The last purchase to round out the office build was the components for his computer, which he built himself. In between the tech purchases, the build mostly consisted of strategically placing shelves and cubbies so his research, books, sketch pads, and art supplies could be within an arm’s reach. He loves working with wood and the Container Store is probably his favorite store, so this was a very fun part of the build for Chad.

Maybe just as high on the list for favorite purchases in the house as the sound system, was the white office chair we bought. Chad had his eye on this chair for months before purchasing. To him, a house with a cool white chair with sext grey wood floors was ultimate #lifegoals. He had arrived. (Obviously, if you know Chad, his ambitions extend far beyond material things, but you get the point…)

One of Sarah’s favorite features to the office is the extending TV mount that enables you to watch movies from the bed. She also loves the fact that the TV screen can double as a second computer monitor from her laptop making moving editing and other design functions a lot easier and arguably more fun.

the details

Our Favorite Things

  1. Chad’s cool white chair
  2. The pull-out tv mount
  3. The centralized, optimized location

what we would change

  1. Our house is overweight, so we could definitely stand to lose some of the research and books we’ve packed into the house

the office tour