The Build

living room

living room header

the process


$ 480 TOTAL
  • Wood
  • hinge
  • bolts & nuts, washer
  • stain
  • metal rod
  • throw pillow & blanket
  • tension rod
  • blackout curtain
  • closet hooks
  • Vacuum
  • Fabrics
  • Zippers
  • Foam
  • Thread
  • Glass
living room

In Chad’s original plans, the sleeping space was only going to be a twin size bed. When Sarah joined the process, Chad didn’t want to change the size of the bed, so that meant there needed to be another space suitable for sleeping should we – a 5’10” and 6’1″ person – get sick of sharing a twin bed. So the living room needed a bench that one of us could sleep on, but also that could fold flat so there was extra floor and/or “studio” space for Chad to work on his art.

The trickiest part of building the bench was finding the right size. We needed something wide enough to sleep on, but not too high off the ground. Because the bench folds flat, the width was also the height, so we had to find the sweet spot. We found a spot that worked for us, but a lot of people that have sat on our bench have had to let their feet dangle. Turns out it’s a tiny home build for big people.

During this part of the project, we got a lot of help from friends- especially our little friends. Both Chad’s niece Lily and his friend’s Melvin’s son Drayce played a part in making the couch become a reality.

the details

Our Favorite Things

  1. The hidden desk
  2. The drop-down couch

These are our two favorite adjustable components in the whole house.

what we would change

  1. Engineer a way to have a lower bench
  2. Make the back of the couch more ergonomic

the living room tour