The Build

the kitchen

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the process


$ 1042 TOTAL
  • Wood
  • screws
  • hinges + brackets
  • Tile + Tile Adhesive
  • Grout + Brush
  • Countertop
  • Liquid Nails
  • Silicon
  • Plumbers Putty
  • PVC Elbow
  • Rubber piping
  • Drawer rails
  • Drawer pulls
  • Paint
  • baskets
  • appliances
the kitchen

We needed a kitchen that was functional, but minimal. Chad had always dreamed of being able to fit his kitchen supplies into one small container. Sarah added a few more supplies to the mix than Chad would have had, but we still have a VERY minimal and streamlined kitchen.

Our water system is comprised of two 5 gallon jugs. One is used primarily for cooking & filling up water bottles. The other is used for washing hands and dishes. The latter one has tubing attached so it feeds more directly into the sink. In order to get the sink the size we wanted, we purchased a double bowl sink and cut it in half with our power grinder. The sink dropped in over two studs and a 3/4″ plywood with cut-out was placed on top to finish out the countertop. There is a jerry can for a grey-water tank directly below the sink and it shares cabinet space with a slender trash can.

The sink is 13.3″ wide leaving 12.5″ of counter space. To maximize space, we custom-built drawers below the counter, and they came out 10″ wide by 18″ long. We have three drawers + a pull-out countertop for extra prep space. To get this part of the build JUST right, it meant Chad sat there staring at the space for a LONG time. And then there was a lot of measuring before any cutting and building happened. Screwing in drawer slides and making them even in such a tight space was a challenge, but we were happy with how they turned out.

On the other side of our kitchen, we have the fridge and freezer, another pull-out shelf that holds our cutting board and knife, our microwave, and our pantry. The pantry has a u-shaped shelf around the middle and a pull-out drawer for the bottom in order to maximize space and ease of access. 

the details

Our Favorite Things

  1. The refrigerator
  2. Pull-out shelves + drawers
  3. Custom drawers
  4. The sink size

what we would change

  1. We are still toying with the idea of switching to a gas burning stove top because the electric one uses WAY too much energy
  2. Sarah is not a huge fan of the grout color she picked. We would probably go lighter.

the kitchen tour