The Build

the bedroom

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the process


$ 636 TOTAL
  • Wood
  • bracket
  • latch
  • screws
  • hinge
  • Vent
  • closet storage
  • closet baskets
  • led strip
  • shelves
  • laundry basket
  • closet rod
  • mattress
  • sheets
  • quilt
living room

In the original plans, our bed was going to be lofted above the couch with a wire & pulley system to lower it while sleeping. It only have about 6-10 inches clearance from the desk, so this would mean that you had to shuffle sideways to get from the front to the back when it was down, and you would have to tilt your head to the side a little if you were walking when it was pulled all the way up. Chad thought this was going to work great. During construction, Sarah couldn’t get over how awful this set-up would be and proposed the alternative that you see today. But, you may notice, that we kept the wires to be used for the original bed dangling from the ceiling until the last minute. 

For our bedroom, we needed a place to sleep, a place to store our clothes, our shoes, and we needed some extra storage for odds and ends. Our final plan included a lofted bed so we had bulk storage, plus a place for our shoes and dirty laungdry. Above the bed were his and her’s closets- one on each side, plus a hidden cubby for hanging clothes.

The plan came together bit by bit. We decided a lofted bed would work best, then we had to go through a few drafts of locations and sizing of the different components we still needed to have in place. After putting our clothes above the bed and in the hanging area, we decided we needed a little more space for hanging clothes than we originally planned, and so Chad made another bar for his suits down below the bed in bulk storage behind the shoes. We knew the shoe space would have to be narrow because we needed a bulk storage door that would fit our camping gear container. We also were limited in the depth because of a wall that had been built earlier in the process to divide the original bathroom stall. This meant shoes could only be two-deep. This left figuring out how tall each shelf would be in order to maximize the shoe space. Luckily, they all fit!

One of our favorite features in our bedroom is right above the bed: our LED reading lights. These sweet little strips add a cool lighting effect at night and make it easy to read before bed without having to get up and turn the overhead lights on.

We would be remiss if we didn’t address the fact that we do have a twin size bed. Yes, two 6’ish adults are sharing a twin size bed, and yes, it is about like you would imagine. See the picture on the far left (or top on mobile) below for a real photo of us in our bed. It is very doable, but we do enjoy it when we get to stay with friends or family on their queen beds.

And lastly, yes, those closets are really small. We will share more later on how many clothes we were able to bring along with us. Spoiler: it’s plenty.

the details

Our Favorite Things

  1. The height of the bed and that it stays in place.
  2. The LED reading lights above the bed
  3. The versatility of the bed- we use for sleeping, lounging, or working

what we would change

  1. Sarah would make sure we could use a double bed instead of a single
  2. Chad would want a “magic” mattress- something unbelievably comfortable that you feel asleep whenever you got on it
  3. Built in charging stations and cup-holders (but these are coming)

the bedroom tour