The Build

the bathroom

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the process


$ 92 TOTAL
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • toilet seat
  • compostable bags
  • toilet paper holder
  • wood
  • paint
  • hinges
  • vent

We plan to outsource most of our bathroom needs, but we still required some essentials. Showers will primarily take place at the gym or the occasional truck stop, friend’s house, or Airbnb. We will try to use the bathroom when we are out, but have a potty for convenience at home. The kitchen sink will double as a bathroom sink, and there is a mirror in the pantry when needed. 

In the original plans that Chad drew up, the toilet was going to have it’s own stall. It would be floor to ceiling white and gold tile with a storage cabinet up top and the bathroom bench with 5 gallon bucket and gold toilet seat down below. When we changed the placement of the bed, we ended up having to change where we put the toilet. 

He spent an obnoxious amount of time trying to custom build a gold toilet seat from a regular toilet seat, but it didn’t fit that great so Sarah just ended up buying a black toilet seat designed for a 5-gallon bucket with a much lower profile and better fit. 

The toilet ended up moving towards the front of the house, tucked away under our bookshelf. We kept the overall time spent and cost even though we ended up scraping some of the work we did because that is all a part of this process too.

When we leave a city, it is time for waste disposal. We pick a spot by where we are parked or at a gas station where we can dig a hole deep enough for full coverage and where animals won’t smell it and try to dig it up. The bag and all the contents are made a compostable material, so we believe that we are following proper outdoor disposal methods. Feel free to correct us if we are wrong. 

the details

Our Favorite Things

  1. That there is a Planet Fitness in every city
  2. How little space the toilet takes up
  3. That it surprisingly doesn’t smell

what we would change

  1. Sarah would definitely like to build an indoor shower if we did this again. 
  2. Water heater? Is that too much to ask?!?

the bathroom tour