Why We Travel

We've talked to many people about our tiny home and our adventure around the country, and a frequent question we get is WHY? They think it sounds fun and cool, but often want to know why we are doing this thing- what prompted us to take this journey.

The Bedroom

In the original plans, our bed was going to be lofted above the couch with a wire & pulley system to lower it while sleeping. Sarah was not a huge fan of this arrangement, so we adjusted the course and landed with the layout you see today.

The Office

Chad worked hard to design an office that optimized performance. He wanted everything he would need within his reach when inspiration struck.

The Living Room

In Chad's original plans, the sleeping space was only going to be a twin size bed. When Sarah joined the process, Chad didn't want to change the size of the bed, so that meant there needed to be another space suitable for sleeping should we get sick of sharing a twin.

The Bathroom

We plan to outsource most of our bathroom needs, but we still required some essentials. So yes, sometimes we have to poop in a bucket.

The Kitchen

Our kitchen needed to be small but efficient. Just enough room to make essential food prep activities possible.

Inner Core

Constructing a tiny home is a lot like building a regular house but just on a smaller scale. Here is a quick look at what it took to finish out the inside of our tiny home to create the perfect canvas for the rest of the build.

Outer Shell

We aren’t professional builders, we are just two people with a plan who worked to make the plan a reality. We broke down our process so you can see how easy it is to figure it out as you go and make a tiny home yourself!