31. Former English Teacher. Former Heptathlete. Amateur Photographer/ Videographer/Web & Graphic Designer. Pastry Lover. Bulletproof Coffee Drinker. Youngest of 3 children. Enneagram Type 9.


35. Artist. US Army Reservist. Engineer. Logistician. Former Pole Vaulter. Lover of anything miniature. Second oldest of 5 children. Certified Unicorn.

Ours is a tale as old as time. Boy meets girl. Boy kisses girl. Boy deploys to Afghanistan and they speak on and off as friends for 10 years as they chase separate dreams. Then boy comes to girl’s city to ask her on a proper date. Then they date long distance for 2 crazy years with 6 moves, 3 job changes, and a pandemic. Then boy realizes what a great thing he has and says, “So, you wanna do this thing forever?” And then they build a tiny home to travel the country.

You know, that classic story…

And here we are. Embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. We are happy to have you following along!