let the

this is for the dreamers

Often, the thing that stands between you and your dreams is the courage to begin: to take that first step into the unknown and believe in all of the potential that is waiting for you. We are inviting you into a behind-the-scenes look at our journey of stepping out of the traditional life in pursuit of a bigger dream, to show just how it really is possible. It’s never too late for a new adventure. 

the idea

Every great journey begins with an idea. Then the idea becomes a plan that you hold very, very loosely. This journey actually started in 2017 with Chad sitting in front of two white boards with the desire to take his talent to a bigger audience.

the build

How much does freedom cost? What exactly does it take to build a tiny home on wheels? And how long does it take?

We did our best to document the journey of building a tiny home so that you could feel equipped to do the same thing. We are not contractors or professional builders. We figured it out one step at a time.

the journey

Nothing says freedom more than hitching up a trailer and heading out to explore your country from see to shining sea. Pioneering a path based on where your curiosity takes you, not fully certain where you will end up, but knowing deep down you had to go.